Items-At-Home Art Project

Museum educators demonstrate how to make art using items you have in your home.  Every attempt will be made to adjust the project to various age levels. Our last Items-At-Home project posted March 31, 2021, totaling 46 projects created & demonstrated by Pam Jost.

NOTE: We often use a hot glue gun because the results are faster while we are recording. Elmers glue or gluesticks can also be used but require more drying time. If you use a hot glue gun for these projects please be careful and make sure an adult is helping.

Bunny Basket

Leprechaun Hat

Pot of Gold Rainbow Chain

Valentine Gnome

Window Snowflakes

Holiday Decoration

Turkey Windsock

Corn Wreath

Pumpkin With Tea Light

Glitter Landscape (Grandma Moses-inspired!)

Rock Frog on Lily Pad

Elephant Ring Toss

Paper Weaving


Dine Sculpture

Watermelon Suncatcher

Impressionist Bridge




Landscape with Textures

Stained Glass Foil


Pop Art Hearts

Salt & Glue Project

Coffee Filter Flowers

Crayon Etching

Owl Kite

Owl Kite Parts Template PDF

Owl Plate

Owl Plate Parts Template PDF

Calder Project 2

Triangle Template PDF

Wind Chime

Bendy Action Figures

Calder Project 1

Styrofoam Sculpture

Chihuly Bowl

Paper Folding Design

Perspective Drawing

3D Box

3D Box Template PDF

Face Of Shapes

Horse Silhouette

Horse Silhouette Template PDF

Paper Towel Roll Horse

Horse Shapes Template PDF

Fish Landscape

Sock Bunny

Sock Puppets

Sock puppet shape template found here!

Egg Carton Flowers

Egg carton flower shape ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Cell Phone Stand

Zen Tangle

Fish Template PDF

Fish Template JPG