Coloring Pages

Many of the activity/coloring pages below are from the coloring book we released for the Museum’s 50th anniversary in 2016, and others are brand new for MacNider Art At Home. PDFs are listed at the bottom of the page. The last coloring/activity page posted on April 7, 2021, totaling 37 created by Laura Anderson.

“Children of Colonel and Mrs. Turnley” by George Peter Alexander Healy
“The Accordion Player” by Todros Geller
“Hedy Lamarr” by George Hurrell
“Sara Wearing Her Bonnet and Coat” by Mary Cassatt
 “Sara Wearing Her Bonnet and Coat” by Mary Cassatt
“Ceramic Plate” by Julian and Maria Martinez
“Office Girls” by Isabel Bishop
“Spring Flowers:” by Henriette Wyeth
Mama Dog marionette created by Bil Baird
Bil Baird marionette
“Waltzing Bugle Boys” marionettes by Bil Baird
“The Last Leaves of the Season” by Robert Reid
“Reclining Figure” by Alex Katz
Untitled artwork by Alexander Calder
“Watermelon and Peaches” by Janet Fish
“Modern Head No. 1” by Roy Lichtenstein
“My Neighbor’s House” by Norma Bassett Hall
“Permanent Iowa Resident (Red-Tailed Hawk)” by Charles Fritz
“Going Home From Church” by Grandma Moses
“Michigan J. Frog” by Chuck Jones
“Clown with Ruff” by Robert Vickrey
“Rag Carpet” by Shelby Ratliff
“The Sea” by Armin Hansen
“Untitled (Six Hearts) (From Dutch Hearts—Williams College 7)” by Jim Dine
“Yellow Canoe” by Neil Welliver
“January” by Grant Wood
“King” by Bob White
Charles H. MacNider Art Museum Building
“Security Guard” by Marc Sijan
“Owl” by Dan Sorensen
“Title Unknown (Yosemite)” by John M. Tracy
“Untitled (Portrait of a Gentleman)” by the Prior-Hamblin School
“Camel” by John Flannagan
“The Watcher” by Marvin Cone

In Marvin Cones’ The Watcher, the portrait of Cone’s Uncle Ben is closely watching the doors. The artist leaves a door open to be filled with your imagination. Draw what YOU think is behind the door, then color the picture.

“Clay Wagon” by Arthur Dove
“Horses & Children” by Marguerite Wildenhain
“Spring Tryout” by Thomas Hart Benton
“Best Buddies” by Keith Haring
Museum front coloring page

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