MacNider: Off the Clock

The next MacNider: Off the Clock will be Friday, April 26!

On Friday, April 26 from 5-7 pm the MacNider Art Museum will be hosting another session of MacNider: Off the Clock. This is a great opportunity to view the “Area Show: 49” exhibition in the Kinney-Lindstrom Gallery.

The event is free and open to the public. Complimentary wine and appetizers will be available throughout the event, in addition to live music by Day’s Live Music.

Day is an up-and-coming artist who enjoys featuring her Tennessee roots and storytelling through rich and expressive vocals. Her set is made of upbeat modern and classic hits in the country/rock/pop genres. Day’s previous season included performances at The World Food and Music Festival, Iowa State Fair, Des Moines Lantern Festival, LunaFest, American Gothic Festival, and the Des Moines Festival of Trees and Lights!

Visitors can mingle with friends and coworkers as they explore the galleries and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the MacNider. These events take place several Friday evenings a year.

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