Photography Policy

The enjoyment of patrons wishing to view art and participate in classes is central to the Museum’s educational mission. The Charles H. MacNider Art Museum has adopted the following policy for posed / staged photography to manage this activity.  

  • Posed photography in the galleries requires prior approval (at least one full business day) unless it is a scheduled community event, such as prom or homecoming.  (Examples are, but not limited to, engagement and/or family photos)
  • Groups/events which have large amounts of people expected (more than 10 participants) must have the Salsbury Room rented / dedicated for this purpose, if space is available.
  • If the Salsbury Room is already booked for the requested date, an effort will be made to find a suitable alternate location.
  • If no suitable location is found in the building the Museum reserves the right to restrict the photography.
  • A fee will be charged, for staff time, to accommodate the photography.  The fee will be for persons in the photos and will be charged per person.  Other visitors affiliated with the subjects will not be charged.  Fee will be set yearly by museum staff.
  • No flash photography is allowed in galleries with artwork for conservation reasons.
  • Galleries may be restricted on occasion due to space constraints with other visitors.  General visitors have priority.
  • Galleries may be restricted on occasion for touring exhibitions due to copyright policies.
  • During business hours photography cannot interfere with the visitor’s enjoyment of the art.
  • Photography must be completed during open business hours unless prior arrangements are made, with at a minimum of one full business day notice.  After-hour fees may apply.
  • Photography that utilizes the Museum in it’s entirety (all locations) will be considered an after-hours appointment, subject to after-hours fees and staff availability. 

Please contact Museum Director Edith Blanchard at or 641-421-3666 with any questions.

Policy effective 4/1/2020

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