Within the Butterfly Cave

Area Show: 48 Best in Show Award Winner

Center Space Gallery
May 12 – July 29, 2023

Area Show: 48 Best in Show Award Winner – Alexis Beucler of Mason City, IA – Butterfly Cave – Gouache and Watercolor on Paper Mounted on Panel

In 2022, Alexis Beucler of Mason City won the Best in Show award during Area Show: 48 for the gouache and watercolor artwork, Butterfly Cave.  As prize for this win, Beucler is granted a solo exhibition in the Museum’s Center Space Gallery. 

There will be an opening reception on Sat., May 13 from 1-3 pm. Please join the Museum in celebrating a display of the artist’s work.

In the artist statement, Beucler states:

“The paintings and artist books I make build a world, magical and real, liminal and intersexual. This world explores identity, sexuality, human futility, anxiety, passion, love. Characters repeat, landscapes intertwine, time ebbs and flows. Like memories drifting together in a dream, time isn’t linear but rather fragmented, sometimes circular, and intrinsically subverts traditional narratives.”