Children’s Studio Art Classes

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Please register for classes early to avoid disappointment! Pre-registration is required.
This is very important – most classes have a minimum and maximum class attendance number. Once the maximum number has been reached the class is FULL and no one else can register. If the minimum number is not reached by two business days before the class date, the class will be cancelled.

If you see that a class you were interested in taking has disappeared from the website it is probably full. Feel free to call us at 641-421-3666 for class questions and availability.

Classes are listed by START DATE.


ART BUGS (Ages 2-4 with adult caregiver)
An art class for the smallest of artists – explore a variety of mediums in
these classes. Children must be accompanied by a caregiver.
Saturday, July 20, 10:00—11:00 am, Dino Roar (LA)
Tuesday, August 20, 5:30—6:30 pm, Under the Sea Fun (PJ)
Saturday, September 14, 10:00—11:00 am, Cars (LA)
Fee: $10 per class, Members $9 per class

ART PARTY CAMP (Ages 5-12)
Come for the Party! Each day you’ll create art-inspired masterpieces. Dress
for a mess to paint, splatter, sculpt and much more! Snack is provided.
Monday—Friday, June 24—28, 8:00 am—noon
Fee: $75, Members $67   Instructor: Pamela

Get ready to celebrate Independence Day! Create awesome Red, White and Blue projects just in time for the 4th. There will be explosions of fun! Snack provided.
Tuesday, July 2, 1:00—4:00 pm
Fee: $20, Members $18   Instructor: Pamela

VIDEO GAME CLAY (Ages 9+) See examples here!
Discover the fun of polymer clay through some of your favorite video
games. We will make characters and objects from games like Fortnight and
Minecraft. All projects will be baked after the class and available to pick up
later in the day.
Saturday, July 6, 9:00 am—noon
Fee: $30, Members $27   Instructor: Laura

FANTASTIC FOOD ART CREATIONS (Ages 7+) See example here!
Become a chef of imitation art food. Mix up a whole menu of fabulous non-edible,
faux food creations.
Saturday, July 13, 10:00 am—noon
Fee: $22, Members $20   Instructor: Pamela

Explore the world of Harry Potter by going to Wizard Camp. Get sorted into
a house and explore different classes like Wandlore, Potions and Care of
Magical Creatures. If you attended last year, come again to be a Prefect
and enjoy new projects. A snack will be provided both days. Please rank
your house choices at the time of registration.
Session 1 – Tuesday, July 23 & Thursday, July 25, 8:30 am—12:00 pm Session 1 is FULL
Session 2 – Wednesday, July 24 & Friday, July 26, 8:30 am—12:00 pm
Fee: $42, Members $38   Instructor: Laura

STUNNING “Glass Like” SCULPTURES (Ages 6+)
Create your own masterpiece using plastic to resemble glass sculptures!
Make unique pieces of art using clear, colored and painted plastic.
Tuesday, July 30, 5:30—7:30 pm
Fee: $22, Members $20   Instructor: Pamela

I SPY ART (Ages 6+)
Who wants to become a spy? Join in spy training activities and search for
art objects in the Museum. I spy fun times ahead!
Thursday, August 1, 9:00-11:00 am
Fee: $18, Members $16   Instructor: Pamela

We will make a variety of artwork from small objects like seeds, Magic
Nuudles and tiles to create a larger masterpiece. We will even learn about
pixel art like Minecraft. Snack is provided.
Monday-Friday, August 5-9, 8:00 am—noon
Fee: $75, Members $67   Instructor: Laura

Create crafts from the safari and the movie Lion King.
Thursday, August 15, 5:30-7:30 pm
Fee: $20, Members $18   Instructor: Laura

COME PAINT WITH ME (Parent and child, must be 8+)
Spend quality time with your child before school starts. Paint whimsical
animals on side-by-side canvases. Parent and child each have their own
canvas. Choose from narwhals, owls or giraffes.
Saturday, August 17, 1:00-4:00 pm
Fee: $40, Members $36 Instructor: Laura

Call 641-421-3666 to register!

*Please note: CLASS CREDIT REQUESTS will be honored if the request occurs ONE WEEK PRIOR to the first meeting of the class.

If you have signed a child up for a class and then realize he/she is unable to attend, PLEASE let us know right away! Some classes have waiting lists and we want to give everyone a chance to attend.

Please  remember to silence your cell phones and refrain from taking calls and texting while attending these classes. Thank you!

As of September 1, 2015 we will no longer offer pro-rated pricing for multiple-day classes if you cannot attend every day. Everyone will need to pay the full price. We want to encourage everyone to attend all scheduled class sessions as most projects in these classes take multiple days to complete. Missing classes may result in not being able to participate in scheduled projects as well as unfinished projects. Please call 641-421-3666 with questions

Scholarships Available
Through generous donations from individuals and groups in the community, scholarships are available to students who normally would not be able to experience an art class. For more information or to donate towards a class scholarship, please contact Edith Blanchard at  641-421-3666. 

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