Items-At-Home Art Project

Wednesday – Museum educators demonstrate how to make art using items you have in your home.  This video will be posted at noon on Wednesdays and every attempt will be made to adjust the project to various age levels. Starting on Sun., April 5 we will discontinue our weekly Take & Make projects and start posting an additional Items-At-Home project.

NOTE: We often use a hot glue gun because the results are faster while we are recording. Elmers glue or gluesticks can also be used but require more drying time. If you use a hot glue gun for these projects please be careful and make sure an adult is helping.

The next Items-At-Home Art Project is sock puppets!

Sock puppet shape template found here!

Week 3 is flowers made from egg cartons! You’ll need an egg carton, glue, scissors, something to color the flowers (paint, markers), pipe cleaners, and flower decor items.

Week 2 is a cell phone stand made from toilet paper rolls! You’ll need 2 toilet paper rolls (or a paper towel roll), glue, scissors, paper, & items to decorate with.

Week 1 is Zen Tangle with Pam! You’ll need a pencil (or pen, marker, crayon!), paper, and a blending tool (we used a -tip).

Fish Template PDF

Fish Template JPG