Kim Bromley: Monet’s Garden

Kinney-Lindstrom Gallery
January 19 – March 20, 2024

Kim Bromley, Colorful Lilies, oil, 2021

For the past ten – fifteen years artist Kim Bromley has been painting his pond.  Bromley is a visual arts professor at North Dakota State University in Fargo and lives just across the border in Minnesota.  He lives on twenty acres with an eight-acre pond in the middle of the property.  Each summer Bromley sets up a studio by the pond and spends his summers plein air painting. 

In 2019, North Dakota State University sponsored an opportunity to travel to France to study Monet’ paintings and to visit his gardens in Giverny. 

Bromley expresses “This was an inspirational experience!  After letting this adventure simmer for two years, the scenes I encountered there are now coming to life in my paintings.  The motifs that inspired hundreds of Monet’s most mature work are seen in my paintings.  My unique paintings are also filled with color and light as seen in the dynamic compositions. These paintings are my interpretation of the gardens Monet so lovingly created.”

Experience Kim Bromley’s colorful landscapes in person.